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Citrus County Commissioner, District 4

Community Support

Thank you for your endorsement!

Jim Fowler

Citrus County needs strong, courageous leaders to guide us into the future. We are growing at an unprecedented pace and demand for infrastructure and services continues to rise. 

We want County Commissioners who fully grasp the complexities of budgeting, growth management, environmental protection, infrastructure, and short and long-range planning. 

We have such a candidate in Rebecca Bays. I trust Rebecca to guide us in a way that protects our natural assets, financial assets, and, as well, our individual rights. 

Rebecca served us once before as our county commissioner from District 4. She conducted herself with dignity and class, despite having a very disruptive board member and a financial crisis that was compounded by the closing of the nuclear plant. Her expertise helped right the ship. She made decisions then that proved to be in the best interest of the county. 

Rebecca is not your average politician. She decides issues based on the law and their merits, regardless of the political consequences. She will make decisions based on what is best for our county, not because it is popular with one interest or unpopular with another. She is courageous and a visionary who understands that you have to plant a seed today to stand in the shade of a tree years down the road. She also understands the urgency of the moment. 

Rebecca’s business background, community involvement, and political experience make her the most qualified candidate for District 4. 

As a former county commissioner from District 4 who had the privilege of serving three terms representing you, I strongly recommend Rebecca Bays for county commissioner. 

Jim Fowler
Former Citrus County Commissioner - 1994-2006

Rebecca Beattie

I am writing to tell you about a good dilemma to have, but a dilemma none the less. When you have excellent choices in a local election, you know that no matter the outcome, our community will be better off. Such is the case with the district 4 race for County Commissioner.


Early on, out of deep concern that a disruptive former commissioner was pondering entering the contest, I was anxious and eager to find someone of a high caliber to run for that seat. I put my support behind John Murphy whom I know and trust would do a good job.


Now for my own personal dilemma. Rebecca Bays later entered the same race to retake her old seat on the commission. Rebecca is one of my dearest friends and a superb business woman and public servant. After an ad came out suggesting I was still supporting John, I was contacted by several people that were curious as to why I had now thrown my support behind Rebecca instead of John. I felt I needed to clear this up in unambiguous terms.


I like John, he is a committed community leader, and he would make a fine Commissioner, but Rebecca Bays will have my support and more importantly my vote because her skills in budgeting and knowledge of growth management are exactly what we need at this time. If you agree with me, I hope you will vote for Rebecca Bays on August 23rd.


Rebecca Beattie, RN, MSN -CEN

Leon McClellan

I am writing to endorse Rebecca Bays for County Commission District 4.

I have known Rebecca for nearly 15 years. She and her husband, Mike are two of the most generous people I have ever met. They have never turned down a request to help me with their time and treasure as we have raised money for various charities around the county.

Rebecca’s business background is needed now more than ever with our county growing at such a rapid pace. When she previously served as our county commissioner, she helped guide our county through some very difficult times. We weren’t even out of the great recession when the nuclear plant closed. Rebecca used her business skills to stabilize the county and put us on a path to recovery. Now, with inflation and a possible recession coming, I want Rebecca Bays helping to guide us forward.

Rebecca is not afraid of hard work. She recently sold her insurance business but still has a family-owned tree farm South of Inverness. As someone who runs a local agriculture operation, she understands the value of family farms to Citrus County. That is also important to my family. We want someone who loves the land and will help protect what is special about our area.

I urge all my friends to support Rebecca Bays to be our next commissioner for district 4.


Leon McClellan, Lecanto

Hall Flowers

I am excited to see Rebecca Bays is running for county commissioner in Citrus County. I met Rebecca when I owned the parcel that is now the world-renowned Three Sisters Springs.

During my Frequent visits to the area, I became friends with Rebecca and other business leaders. It didn’t take long to understand Rebecca’s passion for the environment and interest in preserving Three Sisters Springs. She, along with many others got on board early, donating and raising funds to make preservation a reality. I will cherish my visits to Crystal River during that time. Getting to know Rebecca and the wonderful people there was a major factor in our ultimate decision to forgo developing the property. Their enthusiasm was contagious.

Citrus County would do well to have Rebecca Bays serve them. I trust she will make preserving the Nature Coast a priority and she will bring the same passion and energy that I witnessed to the job. 
Hal Flowers
Former owner, Three Sisters Springs


Kristin Purdy

Citrus County Voters have the opportunity to elect a very accomplished woman to the County Commission. I urge everyone to vote for Rebecca Bays who is running to represent District 4. All voters in every party can cast a vote for Rebecca in the upcoming primary. I have had the pleasure of working with Rebecca on a professional level for many years. Rebecca is a visionary and leader that people want to follow. She is a great listener who treats everyone fairly. She has an extremely strong work ethic and can be counted on to bring projects to a successful conclusion.

Rebecca built a successful business which she recently sold. Working with her was one of the highlights of my career. I am so excited for her that she is able to follow her passion for community service, but she is missed at the office. Our loss will be Citrus County’s gain if she is elected to the county commission. If you want a capable, humble, trusted leader with integrity, I urge you to vote for my friend, Rebecca Bays for County Commissioner District 4.



Kristin Purdy

John DeGraw, M.D.

I am writing to endorse Rebecca Bays as Citrus County Commissioner, District 4. Rebecca has lived in Citrus County for over 20 years and is a former Citrus County business owner of Insurance Resources and Risk Management which she recently sold. She is currently President of Freedom Hill Farms, Inverness, and served as a Citrus County Commissioner from 2010-2014. After leaving office in 2014 she was appointed by Governor Rick Scott to the I-75 Relief Taskforce where she worked with the Florida Department of Transportation.

I have known Rebecca for 20 years and have found her to be a passionate and strong-willed lady. She is outspoken, hardworking, knows how to get things done, and is highly respected for the clarity of her convictions. She is a lady of faith, holds strongly to her principles, and is faithful to keeping her promises. Rebecca refuses to follow the current convenience just because it fits the worldview. In her mind, right is right and wrong is wrong and she is not afraid of a fight. She is dedicated to her faith and feels that she has been called to serve and do her part to improve the quality of our lives by being an emissary to protect our rights. Her motto is: “Do not go where the PATH may lead. Go instead where there is no PATH and leave a trail.” - Emerson

As a physician in this county for 35 years, it is my pleasure and honor to endorse Mrs. Rebecca Bays as Citrus County Commissioner, District 4. She is a woman of strong faith, inspiring character, and high moral integrity. I will pray for her success, encourage her during hard times and help her when needed, for I know that she will always seek Godly advice when problems get tough. Knowing that she is armed with Godly wisdom and advice, I can be assured that even though she may not always come out on top, she will always do what is right. I encourage you to visit her website,, and get to know her. If you do that, I’m sure that you will pray with me for her success.


Sincerely Yours,
John DeGraw, MD

Bhadresh K. Patel, M.D. 

I urge all voters to select Rebecca Bays as our next County Commissioner from District 4. We have been friends with the Bays family for many years. Rebecca is a strategic thinker and planner who has a passion for service. Her work with many local nonprofits as well as her success in private business uniquely qualifies her for this position. She has the experience we need to deal with the very complex issues we are facing.

Rebecca is one of the hardest working people I know. I am impressed with her knowledge of the county budget. She represented us on the County Commission before, during a very difficult economic time. Duke Energy shut down the nuclear plant and the county lost millions in tax revenue. Rebecca helped put us on the path to recovery by making the difficult decision to cut the county budget yet kept our essential services intact. I trust Rebecca to make the right decisions for our county.


I hope you will join me in supporting my friend, someone I admire greatly, Rebecca Bays to represent our interests on the County Commission. 


Bhadresh K. Patel, M.D.

William Dixon, MD, MBA

Three excellent candidates are vying for the County Commission District 4. No matter who wins in that race, Citrus County will be well served. We should all appreciate their willingness to take on that thankless job!

Of the three candidates – Rebecca Bays, John Murphy and Winn Webb – I endorse the candidacy of Rebecca Bays. I believe she is particularly qualified for that office.

A former Citrus County Commissioner, Rebecca Bays will be able to assume full responsibilities on day one. There will be no learning curve.

She knows how to work with the county staff and with her colleagues on the commission to achieve what is best for the citizens of the County. But as a commissioner, she was unwavering in her support for the principles of sound government and to the commitments she made to the electorate. Her vote on any issue will reliably support the best interests of local citizens rather than of any special interest groups.

Rebecca Bays and her husband, Mike, are deeply rooted in Citrus County and in the state. There is scarcely a major charitable organization in the county to which they have not contributed both time and money. As well, there is scarcely a business in the county with which they have not interacted in some fashion either commercially or socially. Rebecca Bays knows this county, its needs and its people.

Mrs. Bays also knows many of our elected state officials on a first name basis. Should a call be needed to solicit support from the state, Rebecca Bays can make that call.

I asked Mrs. Bays why she would be willing to take on such a punishing position at this time in her life. She told me that she and her family had been blessed living in Citrus County and that she wanted to give back to the county. She said: "I'd like to leave it better than I found it.”


That is good enough for me and why I hardily recommend her candidacy to you.

William Dixon, MD, MBA​

Anne Melanson

I am supporting Rebecca Bays for County Commissioner District 4. Rebecca is extremely hard working. Whether it is running her business, working on her family tree farm or volunteering to make our community better, Rebecca demonstrates an unparalleled work ethic.

Rebecca can be trusted to make decisions based on solid data. With her experience in the political, nonprofit and business world, Rebecca is ready to hit the ground running on day one. With the tremendous growth Citrus County is undergoing, we need an experienced hand to guide us.  Rebecca Bays is the right person for the job. Please consider voting for her on or before August 23rd.

Anne Melanson


Sammy Pilliouris

If you want a commissioner you can trust, and has two decades of community involvement, please join me in supporting Rebecca Bays. As a business owner, my family did business with Rebecca and we always received sound advice and great service.

We need someone who will hit the ground running on day one. Rebecca Bays has the experience, drive and determination to be a great county commissioner. Rebecca is the embodiment of the American dream and will bring integrity and transparency to county government. I am proud to support Rebecca Bays.

Sammy Pilliouris

Phil Tompetrini

I have known Rebecca Bays for well over a decade. I have interacted with her in business and social circles and can attest to her business acumen, generosity and integrity.


There is no doubt that she will make a great commissioner. She is one of the few candidates talking about protecting the environment. Rebecca understands that we must support growth that is compatible with our area and that won’t adversely affect our fragile eco system.

Rebecca has served on the board of the Florida Wildlife Corridor, led efforts to expand our trail system, worked to get septic tanks off our rivers, and supported the effort to save Three Sisters Springs from development. She was raised on a farm and currently owns a tree farm south of Inverness. Her love of the land is in her blood, and I trust her to be a good steward of our natural resources.

Rebecca is a proven leader who knows how to get things done. I hope you will consider voting for Rebecca Bays in the upcoming primary for county commissioner district 4.

Phil Tompetrini

Gaston Hall

Business experience is an important skill to bring to our governance. 

Community involvement is another area that Commissioner candidates should have before they run for office.

Knowledge of how County Government works and what parts County Commissioners have control over and what parts that they do not control.

As a past president of the Citrus County Building Alliance (CCBA) and active member of their Government Affairs Committee, I have long followed the work of county government, so I know what kind of skills a county commissioner needs. 

Of the field of candidates in these two races I ask that you support:

- For District 2 County Commissioner, join me in voting for Stacey Worthington.
- For District 4 County Commissioner, join me in voting for Rebecca Bays.
I ask that you forward this email to your friends and family.


Gaston Hall

Jeff Purdy

I am supporting Rebecca Bays for County Commissioner District 4. Rebecca is a true professional who cares deeply about our community. After a very successful business career, she is ready to return to public service. Rebecca will dedicate herself full time working for us, and she will not be beholden to any special interest.

She is a strategic thinker and doer. She will listen to the citizens and make educated decisions. I have always been amazed at her work ethic.

I am very proud to publicly support Rebecca Bays for County Commissioner.

Jeff Purdy

Keith Pullias

It is my pleasure to endorse Mrs. Rebecca Bays for County Commission, District 4, in Citrus County, Florida. I have known Rebecca on a professional level for over 10 years now. I trust Rebecca to advocate for Citrus County, its citizens, and especially the business community. Rebecca has a strong work ethic and understanding of what it takes to run a successful business in Citrus County. I have had numerous dealings with her, and she has always demonstrated her ability to think critically, use fair judgement and prove herself a leader in the business community.

I have also had the opportunity to get to know Rebecca on a personal level. Alongside her husband, Mike, she has invested a great deal of time, money and energy into making Citrus County a better place. She has done so using her numerous connections throughout the state of Florida. I have witnessed Rebecca put Citrus County and its priorities in front of state leaders in Tallahassee. She will not hesitate to ask difficult questions, when necessary, while representing our interests in a respectful and courteous manner.

Rebecca is the type of person to answer her phone after hours and follow through on her promises. If you are looking for a community-oriented leader who doesn’t just show up when there is a microphone on, Rebecca is your candidate.

Keith Pullias

Debra Fredrick

I am writing to endorse Rebecca Bays for Citrus County Commissioner District 4.

Rebecca is just who we need on board as a county commissioner and deal with the complex challenges ahead. As the former Republican Committee Woman for Citrus County, I can say with confidence that Rebecca will represent our conservative values while listening to all of our citizens.


She will bring a serious, deliberative and professional point of view to county government.

I wholeheartedly support Rebecca Bays and I hope you will consider casting your vote for her.

Debra Fredrick

Dee Atkins

Rebecca Bays is running for County Commissioner, District 4. I have several reasons that she gets my vote. I'm not going to expand on these because it'll be too many words for print, so I'll simply itemize:

She has served as county Commissioner in the past, therefore she knows how to get things done.

She has had her own insurance business and still has a business south of Inverness, therefore, she knows the strategies to have a successful budget and still get things done.

She has served on many boards and organizations and knows the needs of our community and how to address them.

She also has worked with state officials in several capacities allowing an open door to Tallahassee.

Her work ethic leaves nothing to be desired. She'll work very hard to ensure our county is prosperous and still on budget.

And last but not least, her faith and family are the staples that guide her every day.

Vote for Rebecca Bays for District 4 on or before Aug. 23.

Dee Atkins

Mike McCarthy

I am supporting Rebecca Bays for county commission district 4. Rebecca has the government, community, and private sector business experience we need in local government. She understands economic development and job creation. 

As a business owner and large employer in Citrus County, I know firsthand Rebecca’s business acumen and her grasp of the issues. 

During her previous service as a county commissioner, Rebecca was very accessible and helpful to us. She understands the value of a strong vibrant business community and supporting local job creators. 

I have also worked with Rebecca on various nonprofit and charity programs. Her passion and quiet leadership are something to be admired. 

Rebecca will be a commissioner that knows how to get things done. 

Citrus County residents and businesses would be well served to have Rebecca Bays on the county commission.  


Mike McCarthy

Kemper Willcut

Lou Ann Jacobs

We are pleased to submit this letter of support for Rebecca Bays, candidate for County Commissioner District 4. We believe that Rebecca’s business background, community involvement and previous service on the commission make her stand out as the best choice.

As a paycheck creator, Rebecca understands the stresses businesses go through in order to make payroll and keep the lights on. This is important to us. As a small to medium size business, we recently embarked on an eco tourism expansion project and we can tell you, navigating through the bureaucracy is quite burdensome, time consuming and expensive.

Rebecca understands the value of our project and others like it and wants to create a welcoming culture to those who want to make investments in Citrus County.

Rebecca is a woman of action who will look out for businesses like ours. Rebecca has vision and experience. Her background in the financial, trust and insurance industry give us comfort in knowing we will have an extremely competent commissioner that we can trust to spend our tax dollars wisely.

We deserve a commissioner that will value our businesses and who will fight to keep the American dream alive for all of us. Please Join us in voting for Rebecca Bays for County Commissioner District 4. All voters can participate in the August 23rd primary for district 4.

Kemper Willcut
Lou Ann Jacobs
Cove Pub and Campground

Lauren Roberts

I am writing to support Rebecca Bays for County Commission District 4. As a younger voter, Rebecca supports the things I care about. She is committed to protecting the Nature Coast and working to help bring opportunities to young families in Citrus County. Every time I talk to her, she is genuinely interested in what I have to say and what I feel our county needs from a younger generation’s perspective. She is kind, hardworking, and a true role model for young women to look up to. I can’t wait to cast my vote for Rebecca Bays. She always succeeds in everything she does, and I am proud to call her family, which is not always blood. Go Aunt Bec! 

Lauren Roberts

Greg Kell

It is with great enthusiasm that I write to share my support for Rebecca Bays in the County Commission District 4 race. This year, we are fortunate to have three qualified candidates running for the same seat, but I believe that Rebecca's previous experience as a commissioner, plus her many years as a local business owner give her a keen knowledge of the challenges facing our community at this important time.

I met Rebecca in 2010 when she previously ran for and was elected as one of our commissioners, and she is the person who got me interested in and attending County Commission meetings.

Mike and Rebecca Bays do so much for our county. Rebecca has served on numerous different boards and with several of our county organizations to help protect and make our county its best, and few if any couples have given as much back to our local students as she and Mike.


She is a servant by heart - and always has been. It is in her DNA and we would be very fortunate to have her serve on our County Commission again "for such a time as this."


Please join our family in voting for Rebecca Bays for County Commissioner District 4 on Aug. 23. I am confident you will be glad you did.


Greg Kell

Darral Thomason

I am writing this letter of endorsement to express how excited I am for the future of Citrus County. When I found out that Rebecca was running for another term as Citrus County Commissioner, I was overjoyed by the prospect that a person with a level head and firm business sense will be running our county again.  

I have personally known Mike and Rebecca Bays for over 10 years. They purchased the home and property next door to me and from the first moment, we met it was obvious that they would be great neighbors and great friends. Through the years I have had many conversations with Rebecca concerning the future of our state and our county. Through our discussions, I have learned that Rebecca is very passionate about the well-being of our County and the people who reside here and visit here.  

Rebecca’s passion to help people within our county is evident by her selfless involvement in Citrus Counties charitable organizations and youth programs. Rebecca has helped pave the way for so many of our underprivileged and forgotten residents to find a path to a better life. 


Rebecca is not only passionate about the people in Citrus County, but she is a staunch advocate for the fragile beauty of our versatile ecology. I strongly believe that Rebecca understands the need for balance when it comes to growth in our county and the protection of our coastline, rivers, lakes, and forest. Rebecca’s tireless commitment to finding out all the facts, doing her research, reaching out to the people affected by these changes, and making the best decision possible that will help protect the people of our community and our resources.  

I feel that because of Rebecca’s extensive business experience she understands that we should not and cannot outgrow or out build what we have worked so hard to preserve. 


I feel she understands that our infrastructure can only be stretched so far. Our fresh drinking water, roadways, landfill, and all the other services we take for granted must be considered during planning and I know that Rebecca will do that. I am a fifth-generation Citrus County resident who has seen many changes, good and bad. It is my personal opinion that many bad decisions have been made in the past few years. Some for personal gain and some just poor leadership and lack of foresight. I know that Rebecca 

 Bays will use her business knowledge and her passion for the people of our county and the natural resources to put us on the right path. 


Darral Thomason

Angela Johnson-Wegzyn

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Rebecca both professionally and personally for many years. As a former client of Rebecca’s private business, she consistently looked out for my Companies-best interest and always had my back.

Rebecca is very approachable and enjoys engaging with various people in our community in getting to know their concerns and arriving to solutions.

I have worked with Rebecca in giving back to our community through multiple fundraisers throughout the years. I have observed her tenacious spirit that collaborates well with others in accomplishing a common team vision.  She has the unique balance of fighting for what she believes in while considering other viewpoints to arrive at a successful outcome. She is a hands-on hard worker who isn’t afraid to get in the trenches to see the job through. In fact, she enjoys it!

She will fight to preserve the uniqueness of Citrus County while helping the current Commission in managing its growth.

As a business owner in Citrus County of over 30 years, I have the proven firsthand knowledge that the most experienced applicant is consistently the best applicant. Rebecca’s prior success as a County Commissioner makes her the most qualified to hold this position again.

These are a few reasons why I will be voting for Rebecca Bays as our County Commissioner for District 4 and why I encourage you to vote for Rebecca Bays as well.

Angela Johnson-Wegzyn
Abataire Paris Spa

Cathy Thomas

I am excited to have Rebecca Bays back on the ballot for County Commissioner District 4.

Rebecca was an excellent commissioner in the past. During the Great Recession and closing of the nuclear facility, she used her strong budgeting and financial knowledge to help our county get back on strong financial footing.

Rebecca has the heart of a servant. She has been active in so many organizations, the Cancer Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way and the Agriculture alliance just to name a few.

Rebecca and her husband Mike, are two of the most generous people I have ever encountered. They have put their talent and treasure to so many good causes.

Rebecca will be a true champion of all the people, not just a few special interests.

I proudly support Rebecca Bays for our District 4 county commissioner. Vote August 23rd to bring Bays back.

Cathy Thomas

Eric Hagen

I want to take a moment to thank Rebecca Bays for returning to the challenge of the leadership role, that she was once so successful in when she led District 4 in her previous term. 

While I and others are busy with our daily grinds, it is good to see her take the initiative, to return to a leading position once again in our county.  

Having moved here in 1991 from Pinellas County, to work at Florida Power, many changes have occurred in 30-plus years. We have a community that is the envy of others, in small town type values and low crime. I hope to see Rebecca continue her work in making this a better place to live and raise a family. 

I have had the pleasure of witnessing her accomplishments in the past, in leadership, business, and volunteering at many of our resources. I’m proud to know Rebecca (and Mike), as strong advocates for our county and community, and as a friend I can always rely on. Keep up the good work! 

Eric Hagen

Tammy Hagen

I am so glad to see Rebecca Bays running for office again. She has put Citrus County’s best interests in all that she does. From being a successful businesswoman to county commissioner, a supporter of many community projects, and a dear friend for nearly 20 years. 

I’m a Citrus County native, born at Citrus Memorial hospital and raised up in Holder. This makes me appreciate the work she has put in to make our hometown desirable for me and others like herself, that make it home. 

I look forward to watching her return to lead our county. I encourage everyone to vote for Rebecca Bays for County Commission, District 4. 

Tammy Hagen

Yulee Commander

As a fourth-generation Citrus Countian, I care deeply about the direction of the county that I love. One of the most exciting things for me is to be able to go to the polls and vote for a county commission candidate that I know has our best interests at heart. That candidate for me is Rebecca Bays. She has an impeccable reputation as a businesswoman, a heart for public service, and broad experience, having served us previously as our county commissioner.  


Rebecca Bays is a woman of action. You will not see her talking political double speak. She will tell it like it is. Rebecca is a serious person who will work tirelessly on our behalf. She does her research, listens to other points of view, then makes informed decisions.  


We have so many pressing issues that require strong, steady leadership. 


Rebecca’s career, volunteerism, and community service are unmatched in this race and uniquely position her for the challenging issues we face. 


Citrus County is growing like the rest of Florida, but we can count on Rebecca to fiercely protect what is so special about Citrus County and the Nature Coast.  


Please join me in supporting this exceptional woman for county commissioner district 4.

Rebecca Bays will make an excellent county commissioner. All voters of all parties can vote for Rebecca on August 23rd. 


Yulee Commander

Jill Fruehauf

I have known Rebecca Bays for approximately 10 years. I have known her to be fair and equitable at all times in her business and personal life. Rebecca has natural leadership abilities as she is a great listener and attempts to make everyone part of the solution.


As this county is experiencing explosive growth, we need a Citrus County citizen to help guide its growth.

DON’T make a mistake with your vote. VOTE REBECCA BAYS for District 4 county commissioner. Remember you can vote for Rebecca regardless of your party affiliation.

Jill Fruehauf

The level of support that Rebecca's campaign has garnered from the community speaks volumes to her proven leadership and effectiveness to GET THE JOB DONE!

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